Other Services

Guest Speaker

Delivering keynote speeches and participating in panel discussions to share expertise and lived experience on disability-related subjects including:

Drawing on personal experience as a disabled person to educate, inspire and motivate audiences to advance disability inclusion, equity and accessibility.

Event Management

Nilesh Singit Consultancy Services (NSCS) brings a depth of expertise in disability inclusion to event planning, ensuring seamless participation for all. We go beyond compliance, proactively anticipating and addressing the needs of disabled individuals at every stage.

NSCS seamlessly integrates accessibility measures into your event, encompassing:

Examples of NSCS's meticulous approach:

By partnering with NSCS, you can:

Let NSCS be your trusted partner in creating events that are truly accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Usability testing 

Leveraging Real-World Feedback from Users with Disabilities

Invaluable insights into actual consumer usage can be gleaned through:

This approach not only ensures product inclusivity and adherence to accessibility standards but also fosters user-centric innovation, leading to superior products that cater to diverse needs.